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Que Sera Sera

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When The Heart Dances

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First Song

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Stairway To The Stars

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New Orleans

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Why Did I Choose You?

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The Cost Of Living

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Total Playing Time  65 minutes Download Now  $11.99

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When The Heart Dances

Laurence Hobgood


Total Playing Time 65 minutes

This album is truly a meeting of three jazz giants: gifted pianist, composer and arranger, Laurence Hobgood, colossus of the double bass, Charlie Haden and Grammy Award winning vocalist, Kurt Elling.

Described by Dave Brubeck as "one of the most incredible pianists I have ever heard", Hobgood has, apart from his solo work, been directing Kurt Elling's Blue Note (and now Concord) recordings for fifteen year.

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Produced by Laurence Hobgood

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4 Stars
"these performances are masterpieces in themselves."
more >>

Berman Music Foundation
"Just the right emotion-laden treatment from Hobgood and Haden...exquisitely beautiful"
more >>

LA Weekly
"hard to surpass"

Jazz Weekly
"...a richness and reflective pensativity. Evocative like few other discs in recent memory"

Pasadena Weekly
"fearsome technical facility but a quiet emotional core"

"Laurence Hobgood finally gets a spotlight here to show what a fine pianist he can be."
more >>

Oakland Examiner
Top Jazz Album of 2009

"The result certainly could be described as elegant, elevating and even at times stately"
more >>

Jazz Times
"transcendent pleasures... harmonically orchestrated and ultimately stirring"
more >>

O's Place
5 Stars
" a joy to listen to"
more >>

Audiophile Audition
4 Stars
"It is comforting to know that players of the of Hobgood ‘s caliber are around keeping the art of jazz piano alive and well."
more >>

Santa Fe New Mexican
"a beautifully recorded no-nonsense outing....perfection"
more >>

Record Collector
3 Stars
"showcases Hobgood's Bill Evans-like piano prowess including an arresting version of Stairway To The Stars"
more >>

New Jersey Jazz Society
"an album that you would be wise to choose as an addition to your CD library."
more >>

Buffalo News
"a sweet piece of chamber jazz indeed"
more >>

"Hobgood alluded to his three-year absence from live performances. Be assured it was as if he had never left."
more >>

Time Out NYC
"a beautiful new album...[from] quietly eloquent pianist Laurence Hobgood"

New York Times
"Laurence Hobgood shows off his romantic side"

All About Jazz Philadelphia
"it's no exaggeration to call the 49-year-old Chicago-based musician one of the most accomplished pianists of his generation"
more >>

Jazz Inside
"genuine...five star performances"
more >>

All About Jazz NY
"one of the most accomplished pianists of his generation"
more >>

Jazz Review
"If you never thought about playing the piano before, Laurence Hobgood will change your mind. His playing is inspiring, displaying how to channel your thoughts and emotions into the piano keys, forming lyrical and melodic patterns that are portraits of yourself and your surroundings."
more >>

Oakland Examiner
"the 11 tracks clearly demonstrating the pianist's deft touch and creative vision"
more >>

Jazz Police
"Hobgood and Haden glow brilliantly, hearts dancing"
more >>

Pittsburgh Tribune
"Albums don't come much simpler or with much more feeling than "When the Heart Dances."
more >>

GappleGate Music Review
"[Hobgood's] playing is just plain lovely on When the Heart Dances. An incredibly lovely tone. An incredibly lovely note choice."
more >>

Hartford Courant
"When the Heart Dances is an appropriate title for this timeless recording, one worth finding and spending many hours absorbing the sounds into your mind and soul."
more >>

Creative Loafing
"a dark passionate tango, so deeply intense in its intimacy that one can easily imagine two dancers in the middle of the floor, frozen in mutual attraction and fascination, as the music plays on."
more >>

Sounds Of Timeless Jazz
"Hobgood's choices are incredible and his piano finesse is even more beautiful now that he's in the spotlight as a leader of this splendid trio."
more >>

CD Hot List
"a lovely collection...very, very nice"
more >>

"sure to become a Naim Jazz classic"
more >>

Audiophile Audition
3½ Stars
"This recording flawlessly actualizes each artist's abundant gestures and slightest shading, revealing each musician's fullness and intensity"
more >>

The Skanner
5 Stars
"Laurence Hobgood, the man who has astonished world wide audiences with pianistic prowess...teams up with bassist Charlie Haden for this five star recording"
more >>

Jazz Notes
"This is one to savor"
more >>

Jazz Chicago
"a lovely production and a sheer delight for the ears"
more >>

All About Jazz
"they pull beautiful music from thin air"
more >>

All About Jazz (US)
"[a] quirky, beautiful recording that is delightfully off the beaten path."
more >>

Mojo Magazine
4 Stars
"a sumptuous, elegiac set of duets, beautifully played"
more >>

Huffington Post (USA)
"One of the true joys of music journalism is receiving that unexpected package, containing an artist I was unfamiliar with that blows my mind. Enter Laurence Hobgood."
more >>

Midwest Record
"Off the beaten path and well worth the journey."
more >>

Rating: 91/100
more >>

The List
"subtle and majestic"
more >>

"Hobgood and Haden were made for each other"
more >>

The Independent 'Information'
4 Stars
" this wonderfully simpatico duo epitomises the sound of a simpatico duo"
more >>

BBC Music Magazine
4 Stars
"A match made in Californian jazz heaven"
more >>

The Evening Standard
4 Stars
"he produces a beautifully laid-back hour of music"
more >>

The Guardian
4 Stars
"this album is a triumph"
more >>

The Independent on Sunday
"Welcome to a new piano star." "Pick of the album: 'Que Sera Sera': with Haden's tender solo"
more >>

York Press
"This album is a slow burner, a quiet beast which creeps up on you with repeated listening"
more >>

All Music Guide
"An excellent recording from start to finish"
more >>

Jazz Breakfast
"There are many other delights here: the sound of the recording is as effortlessly natural [and] a disc which goes on revealing new insights and nuances with each listen."

Jazzwise review
"There's a wonderful, relaxed sympathy between Hobgood and Haden - when you're this good, you don't have to should about it"
more >>

Sunday Post
"a mix of joyful piano jazz frm one of the best in the business"

Laurence Hobgood - piano
Charlie Haden - double bass
Kurt Elling - vocals (track 3, 6, 10)

Recorded at Roy O Disney Music Hall, Valencia, California and GoodSpeed Hall, University of Chicago

Recorded in True Stereo analogue and mastered by Ken Christianson, Pro Musica, Chicago


Super Hi Definition Remaster in 192kHz using Nagra 6D by True Stereo engineer Ken Christianson of Pro Musica, Chicago, Spring 2013 

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