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Viva L'Amour

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Long Distance Love

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Mystery River

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The Sun (feat. Adanowsky)

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Non Mi Aspettare

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Sailor's Daughter

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Fields of Snow

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I Won't Let You Break Me

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Going Home

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Total Playing Time 44 minutes

The singer of avant-garde electro-punk outfit Brazilian Girls, Sabina Sciubba is a multi-lingual artist whose music transcends both space and time. Across no less than five different languages, her straight talking debut solo album Toujours is a compelling, intimate, narcotic dreamscape you might call The Parisienne Velvet Underground and Nico, with a surprising sense of humour. More >>
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The Quietus
“an album full of strong and beautifully simplistic musical ideas..one of my favorite records of 2014 so far”

Mojo Magazine
4 Stars
"if there's any justice, it'll be big...You get everything from narcotic late-night lullabies to multi-lingual wordplay to the glorious mambo weirdness of the title track"

The New York Times
"nonchalant, elusive, sophisticated and resolutely hedonistic music that connects the Velvet Underground and Talking Heads…charming"

The Real Music
4½ Stars
"a debut record full of rich and varied melody, picture-painting lyricism and an almost tangible level of emotional candour"
more >>

The Underground Of Happiness
"The world suddenly looks a whole lot better with some Sabina in it"

The Line Of Best Fit
3½ Stars
“Toujours reminisces to an age of simple love songs, and Sabina encapsulates a more elegant, subtle popstar in the milieu of Serge Gainsbourg’s Paris…wonderfully atmospheric.”

Independent on Sunday
4 Stars
"A delightful Indie pop record that's by turns intense, playful and touching"

4 Stars
"The tunes – from the devilishly catchy to the clattering, and the swoonsome, panoramic - are superb. You’ll feel love."
more >>

Q Magazine
3 Stars
"brings an engaging spirit of defiant romance"
more >>

MOJO Magazine
"An effervescent, boho mix of elegantly mutold dance-pop and post-punk art-moods recorded in Paris...a thread of seafaring intrigue running throughout"
more >>

Sleep in Music
“retro euro-pop madness with a saucy French vibe and 60’s style vocals”

Sabina - vocals, guitars, organ
Frederik Rubens - electric bass, keyboard and mixing
Cbasa Palotai - electric guitar
Roch Havet - Fender rhodes
Clement Amirault - trombone
Valentin Meylan - trumpet
Albert Levsink - trumpet
Aaron Johnston - drums
Patrick Goraguer - drums

Produced and recorded by Frederik Rubens and Sabina at Akirira and Davout Studios.
Mastered by Ue Nastasi at Sterling Sound, New York.
All titles written and composed by Sabina, except T1 by Sabina and Frederik Rubens, T8 by Sabina and Barry Reynolds and T12 by Sabina, Csaba Palotai and Frederik Rubens.

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