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Blues For The Space

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The Gentle War

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Shut Up

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Not According To Plan

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The Gentle War



Total Playing Time 51 minutes

The Gentle War, is the superb new album from Australian piano trio Trichotomy and the follow-up to the band's critically acclaimed Naim Jazz debut Variations. More >>

Produced by Trichotomy

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The Guardian
'dramatic, absorbingly meditative, and a distinctive take on jazz fusion.'

The Times
'a forward-thinking piano trio that beefs up its subtle rhythmic and melodic interplay with some rock energy'
more >>

3 Stars
“Trichotomy is an accomplished and contemporarily harmonious outfit.”
more >>

Financial Times
3 Stars
“catchy loops, misty ballads and rocky beats tread grittily on a well-signposted path”
more >>

MOJO Magazine
4 Stars
“delightfully detailed ensembles, full of wit and vigour…they bamboozle with tricky time-signatures and intricate themes”
more >>

Irish Times
4 Stars
“Startling contrasts in dynamics, unusual time signatures and great rhythmic flexibility are swept along in the flow of invention of exciting performances…a stunningly together group”
more >>

Independent on Sunday
"a bright, rock-influenced sound that emphasises the equal interplay of bass and drums with Sean Foran's piano."
more >>

"Innovative and skilful - ‘The Gentle War’ will impress an audience far wider than jazz diehards."

Record Collector
4 Stars
'The key to the band's allure is not only the adroit way they fuse delicate filigrees of melody with taut, muscular grooves, but also how they create absorbing soundscapes contrasting moods and emotions.'

Yorkshire Post
“It's fresh and sometimes furious jazz that never slips into the predictable.”
more >>

The Jazz Mann
4 Stars
“If ‘Variations’ established Trichotomy as one of the world’s leading contemporary jazz piano trios then ‘The Gentle War’ consolidates that position…beautiful”
more >>

4 Stars
“this one again hits the mark”
more >>

All About Jazz
“at the forefront of the newer generation of intelligent, thoughtful and inventive piano trios.”
more >>

“a wonderfully unpredictable album…dramatic and effective”
more >>

“Dynamic control and textural subtlety may be the trio's most obvious strengths, but the jazz-piano trio's other core values, lyricism, tunefulness and rhythmic vitality, are by no means neglected on this fine follow-up”
more >>

'The opening track and the lighter moments suggest that their upcoming UK tour may see them playing to full appreciative rooms, packed with newcomers and fans of their earlier work alike'
more >>

Jazz Breakfast
“highly attractive piano trio jazz with all the right modern flavours, from funky, chunky timing, to pop-friendly melodic hooks… The Gentle War will definitely hit the spot”
more >>

4 Stars
'This is serious music, made by series musicians, but it is accessible, tuneful, mature and brilliantly balanced'
more >>

AAA Music
'unexpectedly playful ...there is a definite rock sound here too'

'an aural reflection of the band’s music that brings a rockier edge to the mix without compromising the beauty of their piano sound'

Vanguard Online
'By turns playful and melodic, The Gentle War is involving. The simplicity of a trio means that, in jazz, as here, the listener can follow the interplay of the different parts as distinct ideas without it merging into one sound. There’s a mind-enhancing pleasure in following the players as they interact and a clarity of sound.'

Blues And Soul
“These are an Australian piano-led trio and quite remarkable. A trio playing as one, shifting through various time signatures and textures.”

BBC Music Magazine
5 Stars
"this is a genuine trio, with three equally important parts, and they never put a foot or finger wrong" 5 stars!
more >>

Sean Foran - piano
John Parker - percussion
Pat Marchisella - acoustic bass

Recorded 30th April-2nd May, 2010 at Recording Oasis, Tallebudgera

Engineered by Jake Walsh with assistance from Yanto Browning
Mixed by Brent Sigmeth
Mastered by Dave Gardner at Magneto Mastering

Tracks 1-4, 6, 8 - S Foran
Tracks 5, 7 - J Parker

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