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Rooster Was A Witness

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Skies Are Rare

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Mini Ha Ha

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Distance By Clockwork

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The Face Of Mount Molehill

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Hope Machine

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La Porte

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Sirens Last Look Back

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The Face Of Mount Molehill

Neil Cowley Trio


Total Playing Time 46 minutes

A dazzling composer and advocate of pure audacious melody, on The Face Of Mount Molehill, Cowley creates thrilling music defined by powerful rip-roaring riffs punctuated by passages of sheer delicacy. Recorded for the first time with a string ensemble, this album of deeply engaging instrumental music conveys passion and emotion that defy the need for words, looks set to launch the music of Neil Cowley Trio yet further into the listening public's consciousness.
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Produced by Dominic Monks

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New York Times
“featuring the same adaptable trio found on his prepossessing new album, Cowley is well known for bridging the chasm between jazz and pop”

Time Out New York
"handsome originals...strong, stirring stuff"

Los Angeles Times
"cinematic strings... crisp melodies and driving interplay between Cowley and his rhythm section"
more >>

Downbeat Magazine
"I believe London’s jazz scene is the most vibrant right now, and NCT [Neil Cowley Trio] is its most brilliant incarnation"

The Independent
"sophisticated, tightly crafted set which makes you want to go back to the beginning"
more >>

The Word
“a lovely record of concise, melodic tracks that might find favour with anyone who has ever been attracted to Brubeck, the Penguin Café Orchestra, or Sumpertramp”
more >>

"Impressive fourth album"
more >>

The Times
"short, catchy tunes and melodies"
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The Telegraph
4 Stars
“…. a loveable English eccentric with odd blend of ‘anthemic’ melody and unexpected moments of pastoral radiance…. (he and strings) work perfectly together”
more >>

Time Out
4 Stars
“tips the scales of success in favour of his credible hybrid of proggish-rock, jazzy melancholy and English melodic whimsy…a glorious romp of a record”
more >>

The Guardian
4 Stars
"set audiences bopping to a smart splicing of punchy themes and chord-belting, rock-piano climaxes"
more >>

UNCUT Magazine
4 Stars
“the greatest stadium-filling anthems that Coldplay never wrote"
more >>

iDrum Magazine
"healthy provisions of humour and melodrama"

New York Magazine
"slickly produced in the rough-hewn world of jazz"

San Francisco Chronicle
"rocking groove tunes and atmospheric numbers"

Something Else
"Part George Winston, part Ben Folds, part the Bad Plus... a mighty mixture of elegance, attitude and wit"
more >>

"celebratory piano riffs, lively tempo, and a groove enriched by a pizzicato strings"
more >>

Jazz In Space
"straight-up contemporary jazz with a bang-bang edge"
more >>

Midwest Record
"One of those bands that has the special sauce to break out of the critic's darling ghetto and get real people on their side"
more >>

Jazz Times
"Neil Cowley and his trio thrilled with a dynamic set, tackling the jazz-rock divide in a different, yet equally engaging fashion. Captivating melodies marked by intricate time signatures and catchy hooks were delivered with a hard-hitting urgency (check the new The Face of Mount Molehill)."

Magnet Magazine
"nothing but thrills and excitement" and that, "we're finally experiencing a worthwhile British Invasion (of modern jazz). Check them out." Magnet Magazine.

Irish Examiner
"Like an advert for a popular make of car, take it for a drive and you'll understand"
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"powered instrumentals that are smart but not too pleased with themselves"
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Evening Standard
"powerful dynamic"

Scottish Daily Express
"piano, bass and drums are cleverly augmented"
more >>

Next Bop
"one of those albums that makes good use of all the tools in its toolbox and is certainly worthy of all the depth for which it is striving to achieve"
more >>

Music News
"This is really very fine: top class writing and strong playing, music for a dark and cold night that carries its own heat"
more >>

BBC Music
"There’s minimalism, but it’s the minimalism of sheer melodic space, and a refreshing sort of simplicity."
more >>

The Scotsman
"catchy melodic hooks and crunching rhythmic surge"
more >>

Is This Music
“you’ll want to hear this again and again.”
more >>

E Music
4 Stars
“its pleasure is in its stimulation: In a very real sense, it’s a refreshing listen.”
more >>

Artic Reviews
“a thumping, full on rock dynamic that closely resembles a Tom Chaplin-less Keane”
more >>

Subba Cultcha
“A stunning evolution of the art-form from the countries leading jazz pianist.... a collision between the worlds of jazz and post-rock which takes the complexity of the former and the melodrama of the former.”
more >>

Jazz Journal
"bounding energy, high drama, puckish wit, and catchy melodic hooks"
more >>

4 Stars
"no-messin' tightly-arranged 'songs without a singer'...another high quality release"
more >>

British Jazz Blog
"a rhythmically driven record with an inventive jazz bite...real must listen for 2012"
more >>

Yorkshire Evening Post
"To pigeonhole The Face of Mount Molehill as a jazz release would do it an injustice - it is simply great music"
more >>

AAA Music
"Lovers of jazz will be excited, touched and thrilled by this album”
more >>

Music OMH
“…moments of graceful poise and pounding insight... Cowley has crafted a coherent, carefully planned suite of music here with a strong conceptual framework and a remarkably consistent sound”
more >>

Fake DIY
"does not readily conform to pre-conceived notions of jazz...offering almost a rock music-like aesthetic to the proceedings."
more >>

Scotland Sunday Herald
“…beautifully written and carefully arranged …. a certain grandeur …appealing quirkiness ….and talent for movingly tender reflection”
more >>

Indie London
“It’s a fascinating listen… as uplifting as it can be sorrowful, but always keen to surprise and delight in its different ways.”
more >>

Blues & Soul
"the strings and sound collage guitar just keep the ante going up and up. Stupendous!"
more >>

The Line Of Best Fit
"rollicking energy captured...not sound out of place"
more >>

Fwd Music
“Neil Cowley Trio have stuck to what they do best, with mainly piano based melodies throughout this beautiful album. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that, as the sheer creativity of writing behind this album makes it able to stand out from the crowd”
more >>

Vanguard Online
“This is charming and witty stuff, full of dynamics and a fresh sounding piano that switches between pounding and picking out melodies"
more >>

"‘The Face Of Mount Molehill’ with its driving rhythmic melodies. He is the type of musician you could only wish on stumbling across in a late night bar and on arrival being drawn into every note.”

The Sunday Times
“worth testing out on a recalcitrant teen who thinks all jazz is as forbidding as Sanskrit“

17 Seconds
"once heard, you’ll want to hear this again and again.”
more >>

Record Collector
4 Stars
“wistfully lyrical and dynamic to an adrenaline pumping degree…their most impressive opus yet”

Culture Captial
"The Face Of Mount Molehill is diverse and well formed...it’s an album that’s going to stay firmly on my playlist.”
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Alt Sounds
"It's reminiscent of the pop leanings of a composer such as Thomas Newman"
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All Gigs
"award-winning threesome have delivered a smart, polished and pretension-free set"
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Neil Cowley - piano
Rex Horan - double bass
Evan Jenkins - drums

All songs composed by Neil Cowley (Eagle-I Music Publishing) except 'Meyer' written by Neil Cowley, Evan Jenkins & Rex Horan.
String arrangements by Neil Cowley (T 2, 6, 9, 10, 11 & 12) & Julian Ferraretto (T 4, 8). Neil Cowley & Julian Ferraretto (T 5).

Produced, engineered and mixed by Dom Monks.
Engineering assisted by Helen Atkinson, Robbie Nelson & Patrick Phillips.
Recorded at RAK Studios.
Mixed at Realworld Studios, RAK Studios & Three Crows Music
Mastered at Black Saloon by Mandy Parnel

FIDELITY NOTE: This album is a combination of tracks recorded in 88.2kHz digital and analogue 2" multi-track tape at a speed 30 inches per second. Tracks 1, 5 and 12 were mixed to 1/2" analogue tape for digital mastering in 24 bit / 88.2kHz Hi Definition, at 15 inches per second. All recording and processing has been performed either at 24 bit / 88.2kHz digital or analogue.


Leo Abrahams - guitar (T 1, 4, 8, & 9)
Julian Ferraretto - violins (T 2 & 4-12)
Stephen Hussy - violins (T 4, 5, 8, 9, 11, & 12)
Danny Keane - cello (T 1, 4, 5, 8, 9, 11, & 12)
Oli Langford - viola (T 2, 4-6, & 8-12)
Mandhira De Saram - violins (T 2, 4-6, & 8-12)
Giles Broadbent - violins (T 2, 6, & 9)
Miles Brett - violins (T 2, 4-6, & 8-12)
Amanda Drummond - viola (T 2, 4-6, & 8-12)
Ben Trigg - cello (T 2, 6, & 10)
Katie Woodward - cello (T 2, 4-6, & 8-12)
Tilly Cowley - laughter (6)

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