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Stick It To The Man

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Dirty Bird

03:27 Play $0.99

Let My People Go

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03:26 Play $0.99

The Ripple

03:50 Play $0.99

The Way It Was Before

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Its Alright

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Fall Into Me

03:40 Play $0.99

New York Bluez

04:07 Play $0.99

She Gone

03:09 Play $0.99

Christmas By The Side Of The Road

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The White Guard

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Total Playing Time  43 minutes Download Now  $11.99

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Say It To My Face

Huey and the New Yorkers


Total Playing Time 43 minutes

Say It To My Face is a bold, beautiful, poignant, funny, profoundly authentic old-school rock 'n' roll blast, his baritone croon now giving Tom Waits a considerable run for his tobacco-flavoured money. It's a New York Blues bonanza packed full with songs about the human condition. Ex-Fun Lovin' Criminal Huey Morgan's disarmingly candid storytelling recalls the bluesmen of old, but with a unique twist befitting the post hip-hop generation. More >>

Produced by Tim Latham and Huey Morgan

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"bold, beautiful... old-school rock 'n' roll blast"

Classic Rock
"a melting pot of blues, country and hip hop... a worthy project"

Denbighshire Free Press
"cool and effortless... a stunning piece of music"

Hi Fi Choice
4 Stars
"mature yet gritty"

AAA Music
3 Stars
"strong throughout... eclectic mix"
more >>

Press Association
"more varied than one might expect... impressive"
more >>

Scottish Daily Express
4 Stars
"sassy street talk and bluesy bluster"

Islington Gazette
4 Stars
"a Broad affair... funky... gritty... groovy"

The Ocelot
4 Stars
"Head bobbing genius"

South Wales Evening Post
"an earthy and welcome presence"

Sunday Express
3 Stars
"will bathe the listener in a warm, cosy glow"
more >>

Sunday Mercury
"subtly sublime... will astonish"

Yorkshire Post
"an impressive set"

Daily Mirror
3 Stars
"sneaky guitar licks... sharp-tongued style"
more >>

The West Morland Gazette
"Huey found his musical formula almost twenty years ago, and there's no going back, which is seemingly a good thing on the basis of this CD"
more >>

Call Upon The Author
"smooth vibe and effortless groove"
more >>

5 Stars
"smooth presentation... a compelling listen"
more >>

Glasswerk National
"Good songwriting and great music"
more >>

"timeless, very impressive and accomplished... brilliant"
more >>

Female First
4 Stars
"both heart-warming as well as refreshing"
more >>

Recorded at The Mancave Studios, London, UK / Invitcus Sound, NY / Palazzo De Luna Studios, Manhattan, NYC / Moon Palace Studios, Brooklyn, NYC / 6th Borough Studios, Manhattan NYC / Centurion Sound Studios, Manhattan, NYC / The Magic Shop, Manhattan, NYC / Ridd HQ Studios, Leicester, UK
Mixed at Invitcus Sound, NY
Mastered by Ray Staff at Air Studios, Hampstead, London, UK

Huey and the New Yorkers are;
Huey Morgan - lead vocals, guitars, bass guitar, dobro slide guitar, Fender B-bender guitar, keyboards, percussion and programming.
Chris Scianni - guitars, bass guitar, vocals and programming.
King - guitars, bass guitar, vocals.
Peter Levin - piano, B3 organ, keyboards, drums, bass guitar, vocals and programming.
Frank (TRM) Benbini - drums, percussion and vocals.
Na'im Cortazzi - guitars, ukulele and vocals.
Tim Latham ISP - bass guitar, programming and spiritual advisor.

Special appearances by
Dave (Chico Baja) Borla - drums and percussion
Danny Clinch - harmonica
B.J. Cole - pedal steel guitar

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