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Stick It To The Man

02:24 Play

Dirty Bird

03:27 Play

Let My People Go

03:30 Play


03:26 Play

The Ripple

03:50 Play

The Way It Was Before

03:20 Play

Its Alright

02:49 Play

Fall Into Me

03:40 Play

New York Bluez

04:07 Play

She Gone

03:09 Play

Christmas By The Side Of The Road

03:45 Play

The White Guard

05:57 Play
Total Playing Time  43 minutes

Say It To My Face (180gm LP + HD Download Code)

Huey and the New Yorkers


Total Playing Time 43 minutes

Say It To My Face is a bold, beautiful, poignant, funny, profoundly authentic old-school rock 'n' roll blast, his baritone croon now giving Tom Waits a considerable run for his tobacco-flavoured money. It's a New York Blues bonanza packed full with songs about the human condition. Ex-Fun Lovin' Criminal Huey Morgan's disarmingly candid storytelling recalls the bluesmen of old, but with a unique twist befitting the post hip-hop generation. More >>

Produced by Tim Latham and Huey Morgan

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"bold, beautiful... old-school rock 'n' roll blast"

Classic Rock
"a melting pot of blues, country and hip hop... a worthy project"

Denbighshire Free Press
"cool and effortless... a stunning piece of music"

Hi Fi Choice
4 Stars
"mature yet gritty"

Press Association
"more varied than one might expect... impressive"
more >>

AAA Music
3 Stars
"strong throughout... eclectic mix"
more >>

Islington Gazette
4 Stars
"a Broad affair... funky... gritty... groovy"

The Ocelot
4 Stars
"Head bobbing genius"

Scottish Daily Express
4 Stars
"sassy street talk and bluesy bluster"

South Wales Evening Post
"an earthy and welcome presence"

Sunday Express
3 Stars
"will bathe the listener in a warm, cosy glow"
more >>

Yorkshire Post
"an impressive set"

Sunday Mercury
"subtly sublime... will astonish"

The West Morland Gazette
"Huey found his musical formula almost twenty years ago, and there's no going back, which is seemingly a good thing on the basis of this CD"
more >>

5 Stars
"smooth presentation... a compelling listen"
more >>

Call Upon The Author
"smooth vibe and effortless groove"
more >>

Glasswerk National
"Good songwriting and great music"
more >>

"timeless, very impressive and accomplished... brilliant"
more >>

Female First
4 Stars
"both heart-warming as well as refreshing"
more >>

Recorded at The Mancave Studios, London, UK / Invitcus Sound, NY / Palazzo De Luna Studios, Manhattan, NYC / Moon Palace Studios, Brooklyn, NYC / 6th Borough Studios, Manhattan NYC / Centurion Sound Studios, Manhattan, NYC / The Magic Shop, Manhattan, NYC / Ridd HQ Studios, Leicester, UK
Mixed at Invitcus Sound, NY
Mastered by Ray Staff at Air Studios, Hampstead, London, UK
Huey and the New Yorkers are;
Huey Morgan - lead vocals, guitars, bass guitar, dobro slide guitar, Fender B-bender guitar, keyboards, percussion and programming.
Chris Scianni - guitars, bass guitar, vocals and programming.
King - guitars, bass guitar, vocals.
Peter Levin - piano, B3 organ, keyboards, drums, bass guitar, vocals and programming.
Frank (TRM) Benbini - drums, percussion and vocals.
Na'im Cortazzi - guitars, ukulele and vocals.
Tim Latham ISP - bass guitar, programming and spiritual advisor.

Special appearances by
Dave (Chico Baja) Borla - drums and percussion
Danny Clinch - harmonica
B.J. Cole - pedal steel guitar

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