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Climbing Through The Sun

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Simple Souls

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The Woman EP



Total Playing Time 18 minutes

British guitar band Pylo return with their second release, the beautifully expansive The Woman EP at the end of March. Following on from the gorgeous melancholy of their first EP - Bellavue EP - last summer, The Woman EP sees them open their musical doors wide to let huge shafts of sunlight in, creating four songs of uplifting joy. More >>

Produced by Louie Nicastro

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Classic Rock
“Pylo have set about fulfilling their mission statement 'to create something of vast proportion yet of subtle nuance' with a couple of recent releases…The big music is back”

The Guardian
"Soaring, Heartfelt rock..designed for huge spaces...Anthemic"
more >>

Record Of The Day
"it's almost-cinematic rock, made to be heard by the masses, ready to soak up the lead vocals of Matt Aldus in full chest-beating adoration"

“Overall this EP beautifully produced displays a maturity that belies their twenty something age group. The brilliant musicianship shows they are equally at home with a big rock anthem of a song that shows their vocals and talents as a great guitar band for the future, these songs will stand the test of time. A great selection of songs, looking forward to a full album.”

Craig Reviews Music
4 Stars
“Pylo offer much more than your traditional pop band, if ‘pop’ is the right classification. There’s an honesty and maturity to the music that gives it something extra, and their ballads are just as effective as their sunny weather gems."

Female First
“they've honed in on their craft and know exactly how to manipulate sound in the best possible way for a fantastic listening experience.”

Indie London
3½ Stars
“On the evidence so far, Pylo would appear to be slow-building their way towards filling the kinds of stadiums these songs are clearly designed to be heard in.”

AAA Music
4 Stars
“The Woman EP is a superb work…breathtaking”
more >>

Backseat Mafia
“If Parachutes era Coldplay were going to play Pink Floyd, it would sound something like this.”
more >>

Rock Generation
“These guys set out to write compelling and original music, and this they have achieved this with apparent ease.”
more >>

Seba Rashii
“Pylo are hell-bent on showing the world that classic British rock is still very much alive and are demonstrating it effortlessly, track after track after track...”
more >>

Rock Generation
"4 tracks of wonderfully understated and powerful rock"
more >>

Sound Of Confusion
" They are that good. The only true way to know how good these are is to stop and just get this EP now."
more >>

Bristol Live
“The Bathonians have left themselves with a tricky bar to raise following last year’s ‘Bellavue’, but the heartfelt note of ‘Simple Souls’ patiently states they’ve had no trouble in doing so”

Matthew Aldus - vocals
Johan Jorgensen - guitar
James Scott - guitar, keyboard
Richard Gully - bass guitar
Max Blunos - drums

All tracks written and composed by Pylo. All tracks recorded at Charlton Farm Studios.
Recorded and produced by Louie Nicastro & James Scott.
Performed by Pylo with accompaniment from Louie Nicastro.
Mastered by Shawn Joseph at Optimum Mastering, Bristol.

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