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Americano Meccano

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Adagio In Wot Minor

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Between Fear And Sex

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The Waiting

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Low Earth Orbit

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Get The Blessing


Total Playing Time 44 minutes

The bi-polar suggestions of new album ‘OC DC', their third album as a group and the first for new home Naim Jazz Records, is summed up crisply by bass player Jim Barr: "OC DC is when you flip between being obsessive compulsive...and not", a fitting summation of the personality disorder that has Get The Blessing musing over jazz traditions whilst simultaneously wrestling the inner rock n' roll beast which has previously labelled them ‘punk-jazz' by the media. More >>

Produced by Get The Blessing

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Downbeat Magazine
3 Stars
"thick bass lines...infectious...well constructed"
more >>

4 Stars
"grinding, hypnotic basslines...strong melodies.. Sometimes flirting with dub and a cerebral brand of fusion that recalls Soft Machine"
more >>

The Times
3 Stars
"mixes the spirit of Ornette Coleman with the electric thump of indie rock... OC DC is their most convincing yet"
more >>

Daily Telegraph
4 Stars
"moody as a moonlit street, and instantly recognisable"
more >>

Irish Times
4 Stars
"ambient jazz, spaghetti western atmospherics and 1960s cop show themes...catchy melodies and laid back grooves"
more >>

The Guardian
4 Stars
"spans sinister, Morricone-like atmospherics, the Miles Davis of Sketches of Spain, a Joe Meek 1960s rock sound, Ornette-sax soulfulness"

The Guardian
4 Stars
"thundering rock-bass grooves and scorching horn sound "afraid" doesn't seem to be in their vocabulary"
more >>

"a fine album...exhilarating"
more >>

Jazz Times
"well-crafted... compulsively listenable"
more >>

"Listeners will be counting their blessings when they're whisked away on the wild and wonderful winds of this risk-taking acid jazz/rock/funk quartet"
more >>

The Ottawa Citizen
“an eye-opener of a good time”

Rochester Democrat and Chronicle
“the music of soundtracks for films never allowed to leave the studio vaults... Amazing”

The Vancouver Sun
“blending spy movie flair with an anthemic rock crunch and a wailing jazz spirit”

Bristol Evening Post
"a joyous combination of the inventiveness of jazz and the muscle of rock."

The Big Issue in the North
3 Stars
"menacing double bass creeps along as though sound-tracking a 60s spy movie."

Record Collector
4 Stars
“The genre-busting band brings a visceral rock sensibility to jazz improv”
more >>

Jazzwise magazine
4 Stars
“There aren’t many bands whose tunes you can whistle while a tear rolls down your cheek. Enjoy”
more >>

Blues and Soul
"Tasteful, quirky and deserving of your attention."
more >>

"tight and entrancing with a real distinctive style and energy... gruff, edgy and full of attitude"
more >>

The Independent
"Get The Blessing's music will blow your head off."

"an innovative approach to music making... excellent"
more >>

BBC Music Magazine
4 Stars
"surrender yourself to the noir soundscapes that are conjured by [GBT's] combination of controlled eccentricity, tight execution and crafty production... irresistible" ****
more >>

Music OMH
4 Stars
“OCDC is a further development of the band’s agenda, opening up the world of improvisation and integrating what can often appear an isolated field with other worlds of musical thinking. It’s also tremendously enjoyable.”
more >>

The Observer
"a unique identity that will beguile you if you let it."
more >>

Best British Jazz
“'It sounds like what I imagine a Mark E Smith (The Fall) jazz album would sound like' and that's a very very good thing.”
more >>

The Guardian Culture
"Vivacious jazz-rock band driven by Portishead's rhythm section plays mix of Ornette Coleman-influenced jazz, Morricone-like atmospherics, warped systems-music, and old-school twangy guitar rock"

FWD Music
“The blend of instrumentation (a sparse use of electronic effects against electric guitar and improvised jazz saxophone) immediately gives this album a timeless quality, mixing many eras and genres into a hybrid fusion.”
more >>

What Culture
“As well as the technical virtuosity on display here, there is also real taste and a lightness of touch which keeps the songs from descending into over indulgence, and you’ve got to imagine it must be hard to over indulge when you’re playing music this good.”
more >>

AAA Music
“the whole record feels as natural as breathing”
more >>

The Independent
"riotously imaginative quartet...music packed with explosives, charms and lyrical probes"
more >>

Bass Guitar
4 Stars
"their most fully realised work to date, expanding their sound palette in bold new ways"
more >>

Venue Magazine
5 Stars
"a sparkling new quality to the sound of OCDC...even more delicious potential than we realised"

Rhythm Magazine
"rich, funky and musical...with a little funk-rock and acid jazz thrown in"

Jim Barr - bass, baritone guitar
Clive Deamer - drums
Pete Judge - trumpet
Jake McMurchie - saxophones

Also featuring:
Adrian Utley - guitar
Robert Wyatt - vocals (on Americano Meccano)

Recorded and mixed @ J & J Studios, Bristol
Mastered by Shawn Joseph @ Optimum Mastering, Bristol

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