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The Night We Called It A Day

13:21 Play $2.99

I Hear A Rhapsody

7:04 Play $1.79

Alone Together

6:52 Play $1.79

Nobody's Heart

10:33 Play $2.99

Body And Soul

6:24 Play $1.79

The Things We Did Last Summer

5:26 Play $1.79

It Never Entered My Mind

9:04 Play $1.79

CC Blues

5:25 Play $1.79

Good Morning Heartache

8:03 Play $1.79
Total Playing Time  72 minutes Download Now  $11.99

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None But The Lonely Heart

Charlie Haden & Chris Anderson


Total Playing Time 72 minutes

This recording marks a very important occasion for the two musicians, and is the result of three days of intensive rehearsal and recording. The venue was Cami Hall in New York, chosen for its location, acoustic properties, character and charm. This album is a feat of improvisation andspontaneity. More >>

Produced by Charlie Haden

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"Understated grace is everywhere in evidence on this recording"

Down Beat
4 Stars
"full of everything that's good about a much-devalued genre"

The Jazz Rag
“intense musicianship of both parties… striking”

Chris Anderson - piano
Charlie Haden - bass

Recorded at the Cami Hall, New York (5th - 7th July 1997)

Recorded in True Stereo analogue by Ken Christianson, Pro Musica, Chicago


Super Hi Definition Remaster in 192kHz using Nagra 6D by True Stereo engineer Ken Christianson of Pro Musica, Chicago, Spring 2013 

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