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Little Ease

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Viking Death Moped

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Hope (For The Moment)

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Lope and Antilope

Get The Blessing


Total Playing Time 41 minutes

Lope & Antilope is the band's fourth album (second for Naim Jazz) and whilst to some degree the thrashing rhythms of previous albums have advanced into more mellow territory, the irreverent and mischievous attitude is still very much in evidence: with a fixation for words that end in ‘ope', bag headed Bristolian trip-jazz quartet Get The Blessing return with their most sophisticated album to date. More >>

Produced by Jim Barr

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Wondering Sound
"some of the most addictive grooves and heart-throbbing melodies encountered this year" - #20 in 25 Best Jazz Albums of 2014,

Bird Is The Worm
"One of the best things released all year"
more >>

The Times
4 Stars
"A head-on collision between Ornette Coleman and Lalo Schifrin. Inventive washes of electronica created the illusion that a mini big band had sneaked on stage. Quite a treat."
more >>

The Quietus
“this is an excellent album”

BBC Music Magazine
5 Stars
"This is another exceptional release from a cutting-edge band on the UK's live jazz scene"
more >>

Independent on Sunday
3½ Stars
"A beautiful opening...that suggests a whole new ambient-inclined direction."
more >>

The Jazz Breakfast
"Probably the strongest release yet in what is an already strong catalogue."
more >>

Time Out
4 Stars
"This is trip hop-informed contemporary jazz-rock at its very best."
more >>

"Krautrock...Eno-esque minimalism...resembles a BBC Radiophonic Workshop monster"
more >>

4 Stars
"Lope and Antilope has got to be Get The Blessing’s most strikingly original statement on disc so far"
more >>

Oliver Arditi
"An extremely powerful, memorable, atmospheric and original album"
more >>

Spiral Earth
“The only element to expect is more understated intelligent brilliance.”

The Sunday Experience
“a kind of math jazz sub species that whiffs of Jim O’Rourke and yet simultaneously reaches back to dip and delight in the forays of those kraut schooled bands from the early 70’s whose palettes widened to incorporate and fuse freeform ethnic grooves”

Rolling Stone
“From the beginning till the end, Lope & Antilope swarms with sound brainwaves (distorted trumpet, delayed horns, mutant loops), and reflects, with deep groove, splendors of a terribly English jazz (we could sometimes think of the Mike Westbrook Orchestra), as much lyrical as mesmerizing.”

Flipside Review
"the GTB boys parp the good parp with one ear towards traditional and the other out of the window."

Jazz News
"Beautifully crafted soundscape"

Sunday Mail
3 Stars
"Will entertain and enthral open-minded fans of both genres...Get The Blessing really are a band with their own identity"

Scunthorpe Telegraph
5 Stars
"...the four jazz-rock musicians from Bristol prove they are as original and as technically audacious as ever"

“a masterpiece of hypnotic grooves, funky bass-and-drums and spiraling horn melodies”

London Jazz News
" just accessibly fascinating, poised between the familiar and the unexpected like a meal by an adventurously talented chef."

Seba Rashii
“Both Get The Blessing and their music are a little bit special and a pleasure to experience and Lope and Antelope is nothing short of spectacular”
more >>

The Guardian
4 Stars
"It's probably their best album yet, and the titles aren't bad either."
more >>

Jazz Man
4 Stars
"Their least classifiable album to date, certainly the most interesting, and arguably the best."

Louder Than War
"...a career defining moment in which we all fall in love with ‘The Blessing'"
more >>

3 Stars
"Bristol Quartets fourth - and best - album to date"
more >>

"This album is all kinds of cool, a quality exceeded only by it also being all kinds of fun - Pick of the Week"
more >>

4 Stars
'The Impossible Cool'
more >>

Clive Deamer - gtretsch be-bop kit, stereo tambourine and barabrith.
Jim Barr - electric bass, bass V1, distortions, wah, delays.
Pete Judge - trumpet , flugelhorn , piano , distortion , looping, filtering and delay.
Jake McMurchie - tenor saxophone, baritone saxophone, pitch-bend, bit-crush, ring mod and delay.

Additional guitar by Adrian Utley.

Produced by Jim Barr and Get The Blessing
Recorded by Tim Allen and Jim Barr at Fronryhdd, Wales
Mixed by Jim Barr at J & J Studios, Bristol
Mastered by Shawn Joseph at Optimum Mastering, Bristol
All titles composed by Get The Blessing. 

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