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The 99 Pt 1 [Great Scott]

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Home To You (feat. Marc O'Reilly)

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J-Hø from the Block

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Narrowboat Man (feat. E Martensson & M O'Reilly)

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Song For The Open Road (feat. Omar)

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The 99 Pt 2

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The 99 Pt 3

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Ell's Bells (feat. Marc O'Reilly)

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Finding Neamo

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The 99 Pt 4

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Total Playing Time  51 minutes Download Now  $11.99

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Everything We Hold

Kairos 4tet


Total Playing Time 51 minutes

Everything We Hold is Kairos 4tet's third album and first recording for Naim Jazz. This time, in a bid to push the boundaries of his own creativity, Waldmann explores in great depth the art of song. In doing so, Waldmann forged relationships that not only presented him with new musical vistas, but inspired him immensely on what became an exploration of the human condition.  More >>

Produced by Jules Buckley

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“Musically complex but melodically irresistible, the album is a winner from first to last.”

Irish Times
4 Stars
"a first-rate jazz ensemble... strike it perfectly"

Financial Times
3 Stars
"cut-and-thrust instrumentals were intercut with tight vocal showcases... powerful"

The Times
4 Stars
“The greatness of this album lies in how its varied elements come together so convincingly”

The Guardian
4 Stars
"edgy groove-shuffling… slinky swing, thoughtful and quickwitted… very accomplished”

Time Out London
“rock-edged melodies and dazzling polyrhythmic grooves make him sound like Wayne Shorter playing EST tunes.”

Independent on Sunday
“a clever, sensitive record “

4 Stars
“Spellbinding instrumentals that blend high-calibre jazz improvisation with accessible melodies…(a) scintillating new opus”

4 Stars
“Bursting with dreamy, hummable melodic themes… (this is easily Waldmann’s ) best to date…..Mercury Prize judges might want to take note”

Oxford Mail
4 Stars
"can only be described as spellbinding, the complex improvisation merging effortlessly with more accessible melodies, such as a beautiful lullaby written by Waldemann"

Irish Examiner
4 Stars
"Bursting with brilliant blistering solos as well as foot-tappingly fabulous songs, this is a very accomplished record."

"vivid and emotive lyricism with unparalleled intensity... extraordinary"

Buzz Magazine
5 Stars
"breaks fresh creative ground... thoroughly superb"

Spenborough Guardian
"Waldmann has melted my mind.. absolute genius"

The Jazz Breakfast
"filled with these solid melodies and compelling hooks... exemplary"

The Jazz Mann
"a pretty impressive feat... poetic"

Flipside Reviews
"they may have struck gold... imaginative and borderless"

Jazz Shaped
"infectious blend of haunting melodies and folk-tinged compositions"

Indie London
"a terrifically cinematic experience... there is much to admire"

London Jazz
"diverse yet cohesive balance of accessible jazz... spine-tingling"

Music OMH
4 Stars
"a deft, clever and engaging piece of work... expressive and poetic"

Jazz UK
"infectious blend of wonderfully crafted and accessible jazz"
more >>

Culture Capital
“quite probably the best release I’ve heard this year”

Kairos 4tet are:
Adam Waldmann - saxophones
Ivo Neame - piano
Jasper Høiby - bass
Jon Scott - drums

Guest vocalists;
Omar Lye-Fook MBE - vocals (T6)
Marc O'Reilly - vocals (T2, T4, T9)
Emilia Martensson - vocals (T1, T4, T12)

Additional musicians;
Ben Davis - Cello (T2, T5, T12, T13)
Rupert Friend - glockenspiel (T8)
Jules Buckley -  additional piano (T4), metal drum (T2)
Ivo Neame - harmonium (T4), accordion (T2, T4, T6), bass clarinet (T7, T8, T10)
John Turville - piano (T9, T13)
Tom Mason - bass (T9, T13)
Kate Robinson - violin (T4, T9, T13)
Matthew Elston - violin (T4, T9, T13)
Becky Jones - viola (T4, T9, T13)
Julia Dale - cello (T4, T9, T13)
Tori Handsley - harp (T4, T9, T13)
Tim Anderson - French horn (T9,T13)

All music composed by Adam Waldmann
Lyrics for Home To You, Narrowboat Man, Song For The Open Road and Ell's Bells by Rupert Friend. Narrowboat Man and Ell's Bells arranged by Jules Buckley. The 99 Part 2 & 3 arranged by Adam Waldmann and Jon Scott.

Recorded at Real World Studios, Bath, UK / The Premises, London, UK
Mixed by Morten Stendahl at Redroom Studios, Trondheim, Norway
Engineered by Patrick Philips and Alex Kilpartrick (Real World Studios)
Song For The Open Road, engineered by Sonny of Sparedougal (The Premises)
Ell's Bells and additional recording engineered by Jason Howes and Tom Carmichael (The Premises)
Mastered by Ray Staff at Air Studios, London, UK

Design by Jim Wright
Cover photography by Steven Christenson (StarCircleAcademy.com)
Photography by Joanna Natalija Gourley

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