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Say What You Mean, Mean What You Say

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Yin & Yang

9:04 Play $1.79

In The Grill

3:55 Play $0.99

Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind Part 1

4:58 Play $0.99

Cosmos (For Carl Sagan)

6:52 Play $1.79

Simple Things

5:56 Play $1.79

An Ambiguous State Of Mind

7:24 Play $1.79

The Element Of Truth

7:12 Play $1.79

Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind Part 2

2:09 Play $0.99
Total Playing Time  53 minutes Download Now  $11.99

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Elements Of Truth



Total Playing Time 53 minutes

Empirical should really need no introduction. The project of four young, British Jazz musicians, who aim to expand on the traditions of Jazz, their unique music manages to be both timeless and totally now, inside and out. Elements Of Truth is about getting back to the essence of Empirical: observing, experimenting and commenting through music. More >>

Produced by Empirical

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The Independent
“a mixture of the tranquil, the riotous and the other-worldly…casts all the right spells”
more >>

The Daily Telegraph
4 Stars
"the best opening I've heard in years...terrific"
more >>

The Independent
"You really want to see them do it live...you're hooked"
more >>

The Guardian
4 Stars
“fascinating and fearless…their most eclectic venture to date”
more >>

Financial Times
4 Stars
'Empirical's mix of structure and freedom is nourished by the atmospheric modernism'
more >>

4 Stars
"Fiercely imaginative...challenging and stimulating as anything on the international scene... a vividly involving, dramatic listen"
more >>

Jazz UK
"Excellent, edgy work...adds whole new dimensions in terms of concern with texture and colour"

The Jazz Mann
4 Stars
"demanding but ultimately invigorating music"
more >>

The Music Critic
more >>

London Jazz
"Another elegant, polished but sparky album from one of UK jazz's most sophisticated bands"
more >>

"consistently brilliant...sent them straight to the top of most jazz fans' best new band list"

BBC Music Magazine
4 Stars
"The recorded sound is tight and detailed...sparkliest of atmospheres glide along like Teflon-coated snakes"
more >>

Jazz Journal
"music deserving of the highest praise...this is my record of the year."
more >>

4 Stars
"their most adventurous statement to date"
more >>

All About Jazz
"Elements Of Truth rises confidently, if not wholly successfully...Empirical's music makes for a cracking disc."
more >>

"Empirical are crashing irresistibly through the decades. Next stop, 21st century."
more >>

"The playing is first rate"

Record Collector
4 Stars
"the same high degree of musicality and invention as they continue to probe the frontiers of jazz"
more >>

UNCUT Magazine
3 Stars
"Difficult Jazz that is pretty and positively terrifying"

The next chapter in the Empirical story has been two years in the making. For their continued commitment and creativity, we would like to thank: Our Families, George, Simon, Curtis, Dave, Ray, Kerstan and Dani

Produced by Empirical

Recorded by Curtis Schwartz at Curtis Schwartz Studio, 19th - 21st April 2011

Mixed by Dave Moore

Mastered by Ray Staff at Air Studios

Design and illustration by Daniel Strange (thinkstrange.co.uk)

Empirical are:

Tom Farmer - double bass, whistling (track 1)

Nathaniel Facey - alto saxophone

Shaney Forbes - drums

Lewis Wright - vibes, glockenspiel (track 2, 4, 6 & 9)

plus special guest George Fogel - piano, voice (track 1)

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