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dR Doctor

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Hillcrest Part i

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Hillcrest Part ii

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La Cigale

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Fokey Dokey

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Vital Space

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Lament For Levenshulme

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Part 3

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Stuart McCallum


Total Playing Time 57 minutes

Stuart McCallum, the favourite guitar-playing son of the Manchester contemporary jazz scene, is best known as the guitarist in the Cinematic Orchestra. The distinctive, ethereal and atmospheric sound of McCallum's guitar is now central in the evocative and spacious new album Distilled, which exhibits far-flung influences from Wes Montgomery to Bjork, Flying Lotus to Bon Iver and James Blake to Bill Frisell. More >>

Produced by Stuart McCallum

Stuart McCallum 'City' now available for Pre-Order
22 July 2015
Stuart McCallum announces new album 'City' on 28th August 2015
more >>

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4 Stars
"lush, orchestral samples, languid grooves and a sophisticated facility for channelling the chill...spiritual jazz masterpiece"
more >>

The Guardian
3 Stars
"Acoustic-guitar meditations turn slowly into tranquil funk"

Time Out
"dusting gritty club grooves with his own epic brand of folk-edged melancholy"
more >>

HiFi Choice
4 Stars
"music sometimes has an almost dream-like, filmic quality"
more >>

"ambient and downtempo, poetic melodies ...undoubtedly delight most fans"
more >>

All Gigs
4 Stars
“it's beautifully-crafted minor-key instrumental sadness with occasional joy and frequent surprises.”

Virgin Music
“the album is able to hold its own throughout due to Stuart McCallum altering the initial sounds and warping them into something that isn’t totally unrecognisable. Fans of The Cinematic Orchestra will appreciate the familiar yet ever so differing territory.”

AAA Music
“This record is a stunning, self assured work that showcases someone who has mastered their trade and is completely comfortable with his style.”

Vanguard Music
“Sometimes it is a loud electric-edged tone, occasionally a bubbling Grant Green tone on jazzier numbers but Stuart seems adept at switching between the two”
more >>

“This carefully filtered collection of ten recordings is a perfect example of how McCallum has refined his music and like a great Scotch proves that in the hands of an artist the perfect blend is one ‘Distilled’.”
more >>

Music OMH
3½ Stars
“an intoxicating shot of spirit, but it's also highly refined and filtered. Those with a penchant for more idiosyncratic overtones may be left wanting, but this album nonetheless does a sterling job of encapsulating the cutting edge of the UK Jazz scene”
more >>

"Phrases resound with a shimmering vibration, underscored by sympathetic arrangements."
more >>

Record Collector
4 Stars
"Mood music of a more hypnotic and ruminative hue can be found on the lovely album Distilled"

BBC Music Magazine
4 Stars
"A yearning atmosphere of improvised guitar...worth investing time in"
more >>

UNCUT Magazine
“Distilled – dreamy, trippy, downtempo instrumentals...the lush semi-orchestral settings”

All About Jazz
"The Manchester-based guitarist/composer knows how to combine established and contemporary sounds, making them into music that is never less than fascinating and, at its best, a thing of breathtaking beauty."
more >>

Manchester Evening News
4 Stars
"delivered with a cinematic sweep...a very impressive self-invention"
more >>

Produced by Stuart McCallum (and D'Alchemiss on Track 10)

Recording engineered by Stuart McCallum, D'Alchemiss and Seadna McPhail

Recorind in Elland, Stockport, Manchester, London and New York

Mixed by D'Alchemiss

Mastered by Shawn Joseph at Optimum Mastering, Bristol

Interview by Linder

All song composed by Stuart McCallum

Cover photograph by Al McDermid www.mcdermid.deviantart.com

Inner photography by Louis Loizou

Artwork by Pragmatic Design Ltd

Thanks to my wife and family for their love and support; all the musicians for their skill, time and patience; Yvonne for the space in the mix; Linder for a great sense of freedom; Louis for the pictures and videos; Matt at the Analogue Rooms; Norman and Colin at Moolah Rouge; John at Limefield; The Swinscoes for their hospitality; Air France for re-rerouting around the ash cloud; Claire at Matt&Phreds for giving continuous oppurtunities to play and develop the music; all at MJF for their support and encouragment; Shaun Hunt and Lucy McElhinney for the rehearsal spaces; Simon at Naim; Kerstan Mackness at Riotsquad.

Stuart McCallum - guitars, keyboards, celeste, electronics
Dave Walsh - drums
Chris Manis - percussion
Robin Mullarkey - bass
Ira Coleman - bass (tracks 7, 8, 9, 10)
Dan Goldman - piano (tracks 1, 9)
Iain Dixon - clarinet, bass clarinet, saxophone, flute
Dan Edwards, Sam Morris - french horn
Neil Yates, Richard Isles - trumpet/flugelhorn
Rachael Gladwin - harp
Laura Senior, Melissa Court, Adam Robinson, James Pattinson, Matthew Batty - violin
Raymond Lester, Josephine Goynes - viola
Thomas Wilkes, Simon Denton - 'cello
Gavin Barras - contrabas

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