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So Worn Out

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Annie's Yellow Bag

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My Narrow Man

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Jane Into A Beauty Queen

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Put Your Mouth Where Your Money Is

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My Mini And Me

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Some Days I Forget

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Rock n Roll Suicide

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All The Ghosts

Gwyneth Herbert


Total Playing Time 37 minutes

Gwyneth's latest smorgasbord of musical musings, ‘All The Ghosts', takes her music further down her own idiosyncratic path. It carries ten terrific songs, which speak to you directly, without forethought for genre or category. In their melodic immediacy and observational characterisation, you might hear Lennon-McCartney or Ray Davies rather than any jazz stereotype. More >>

Produced by Gwyneth Herbert

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"a wonderful talent and a very special voice in British music."
more >>

Gwyneth Herbert posesses a remarkably tough and tender voice that has been called "bewitching" and "a knowing mix of honey, steel and gravel".
more >>

Bearded Magazine
"She moves effortlessly from style to style, combining perfect technique with oodles of soul."

Wears The Trousers Magazine
4½ Stars
"If you're seeking astoundment through accessible innovation, look no further than this impressive collection. Don't believe the title: everything here is alive, red blooded and breathtaking."
more >>

City Life
4 Stars
"All The Ghosts brims with imagination, compassion and vivid longing."
more >>

Fly Global Music
"a varied and fascinating album."
more >>

The Guardian
4 Stars
"This fine album....will be on the year-end hitlist whatever its genre"
more >>

Manchester Evening News
4 Stars
'All the Ghosts brims with imagination, compassion and vivid longing'
more >>

Vortex Jazz
"Herbert's powerful but affecting voice is imbued with sincerity, sympathy and intelligence; the songs' melodies are at once immediately arresting and accessible"
more >>

Dorset Echo
3 Stars
"The spirit of Ray Davies [and] Nina Simone."
more >>

Buzz Magazine
3 Stars
"[this] healthy dose of eccentricity makes for rewarding listening that's never twee"
more >>

The Beat Surrender
4 Stars
"All The Ghosts is the sound of a young lady who has more than found her feet"
more >>

Mojo Magazine
3 Stars
"Her singing - warm, soulful, and with a husky hint of Elkie Brooks - is classy throughout"
more >>

Daily Mail
3 Stars
"a warm sultry talk on acoustic folk and pop"
more >>

4 Stars
"shifting metres, contrasting backgrounds, and lyrics that actually mean something."
more >>

Sunday Mercury
"delightfully diverse and unpredictable" ALBUM OF THE WEEK
more >>

Stella - Daily Telegraph
"set to be a major sound this summer"
more >>

Blues & Soul
"There's a lovely sense of britishness about this girl, not only is she a talent vocally but a strong songstress too." 8/10
more >>

4 Stars
"tricky to categorise but fantastically easy to warm to."
more >>

BBC Online
"She has a fine sense of melody and her latest songs tell stories that equal 'Terry meets Julie, Waterloo station, every Friday night' or 'Wednesday morning at five o'clock as the day begins'."
more >>

Daily Telegraph
4 Stars
more >>

The Times
3 Stars
"The airy, acoustic arrangements are imaginative, full of shifting tempos and textures."
more >>

Independent on Sunday
4 Stars
"If Hanns Eisler had been a woman and written with Ray Davies, he might have come up with something like this"
more >>

Time Out
"Plenty of memorable hooks and whitty one-liners"

Gwyneth Herbert - vocals, piano on Narrow Man
Al Cherry - guitars
Dave Price - Percussion
Sam Burgess - bass
Steve Holness - piano, organ

Written and produced by Gwyneth Herbert
Recorded by Robin Baynton @ Real World Studios, Wiltshire
Mixed and mastered @ Harder Sound Studio, London by Robert Harder

Graphic art by Keemo (www.keemogallery.com)

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