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Jazz is Naim's most prominent love affair. Naim Label is renowned for maintaining absolute sonic, technical and creative quality on the global jazz scene. Formed in 2009, Naim Jazz is dedicated to everything from smooth jazz right up to avant-garde. Whilst working with our existing stalwart jazz names, Naim Jazz also aims to keep the music alive, by helping a range of new jazz artists along the way.


Featured Video | Troyka - Arcades

Featured Artist | Neil Cowley Trio

"This is the Cowley album for anyone who ever wished this gifted maverick might dig deeper" Guardian ****

Touch and Flee is the new recording from Neil Cowley Trio, and marks a defining moment in the evolution of the band. It is their bravest, most daring album to date, spotlighting the ever- increasing brilliance of Cowley as a composer. With long time band mates, Evan Jenkins on drums and Rex Horan on bass, they jump headlong into new territory to present what they describe as "our concert hall record" for an altogether deeper listening journey.


 NORWICH  Norfolk and Norwich Festival

You can purchase 'Touch and Flee' on CD or HD Download HERE or buy the vinyl HERE.

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Troyka are an experimental British trio who make rich and enthralling instrumental music. Featuring Kit Downes (once Mercury nominated in his own right) on hammond/synths, Chris Montague on guitar/loops and Josh Blackmore on drums, Troyka is far more than the sum of its parts and is definitely not your usual Hammond organ trio.

Influenced by the likes of Tim Berne, Aphex Twin, Deerhoof, Albert King and Flying Lotus, their music is intense, ambitious and iconoclastic. Unpredictable, yet catchy, melodies woven into complex time signatures may be a trade mark of the trio at full swing, but it is the flavours of textural beds, polyrhythmic post-dance, haunting trip-hop and atmospheric post-rock that make this record a sensation of the heart as well as the mind.

Buy 'Ornithophobia' on CD, 180gm Vinyl (+ HD Download Code) , or digital download HERE. 

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