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Antonio Forcione & Sabina Sciubba

Sabina Sciubba is vocal jazz's best-kept secret. It was Forcione who granted Sabina an opportunity to woo the record buying public, forming a timeless bond in soul, jazz and all things continental.


Brit-jazz boy wonders Empirical impress their post-bop era principles in a 21st century context with an astounding maturity. Oh yeah, and they look good too.


ESKA is the most talked about, revered singer you've never heard of. One of music's best kept secrets in 2015.

Get The Blessing

With an unclassifiable sound alike the grandchild of the Canterbury scene, melancholic trip hop and krautrock, quirky Bristolian quartet GTB's latest album 'Lope and Antilope' marks a more mature, exploratory sound that is so much more what the media have branded ‘punk jazz'.


Hailing from London's East End, Grigori combines the metronomic sensibilities and glitch culture of electronic production with the vocal-led harmonic structures of experimental pop and nu-gaze.

Gwyneth Herbert

Actresses have always grumbled that Hollywood doesn't serve up enough female roles worth getting stuck into. They should try being a singer - they would find their options even more limited.

Huey and the New Yorkers

Huey Morgan, frontman of Brooklyn's own ‘Fun Lovin' Criminals' returns with his debut solo project ‘Huey and the New Yorkers'. Huey's candid storytelling, recall the bluesmen of old but with a unique twist on the post hip-hop generation. Huey Morgan's done it all.

Imogen Heap

Imogen Heap is a british ecclectic, eccentric and innovative musician considered by some the epitome of a digital diva.

Kairos 4tet

Kairos 4tet are a British jazz band, spearheading a new breed of ensembles that bridge the gap between the classic and the contemporary; the jazz idiom and the popular dominion; burning improvisations and songs to linger long after the music stops.

Marc Ford

One of the most gifted, celebrated and in-demand rock guitarists of his generation, ex-Black Crowes guitarist Marc Ford has switched gears to deliver what will undoubtedly stand as one of the finest Americana albums of 2014.

Max Raptor

There is nothing remotely Jurassic about this Midland conceived 4 piece whose forthright narrative and devastating live set is spearheading a hungry horde of New Wave British Alt-Rock bands.

Neil Cowley Trio

In just a few short years, and on his fifth album, pianist Neil Cowley and his band mates, bassist Rex Horan and drummer Evan Jenkins, have carved out a reputation as one of Britain's most exciting bands.

Phantom Limb

The Phantom Limb sound is an indefinable blend of classic southern soul and country blues. Their honest, melancholic, Bristolian edge creates one of the most original and compelling new propositions of recent years.


Pylo are a soundscape of light and dark and all in between. They cite their musical influences as Pink Floyd, Radiohead, The National and Kings Of Leon. Their aim is to create something of vast proportion yet of subtle nuance; a music larger than the sum of its parts.


The singer of avant-garde electro-punk outfit Brazilian Girls, Sabina Sciubba is a multi-lingual artist whose music transcends both space and time.

Sons Of Kemet

A super-group of sorts led by clarinetist, saxophonist and composer Shabaka Hutchings with Theon Cross on tuba and both Tom Skinner and Seb Rochford on drums, Sons Of Kemet offer a unique take on jazz, Caribbean folk music and African Diasporan history.

Stuart McCallum

Stuart McCallum is a Jazz musician from Manchester who's music embraces simple, memorable melodies, bass lines and drum beats, with electronica and improvisation enriched by elegant orchestral writing.


The artsy and anthemic variety of Oxbridge alt-indie underdogs Tellison, makes them one of the UK's most original and best-loved rock groups.

The Milk

The Guardian said it best when they described British soul sensation The Milk as "killer...like the Jam doing Stax". Supreme talent, a natural rock n' roll Essex boy swagger and incredible songwriting make The Milk one of the most exciting bands we've worked with...ever.


Trichotomy are Australia's finest jazz export. So much more than a traditional jazz trio, this young ensemble add a touch of the avant-garde and a liberal spoonful of attitude to make a traditional recipe taste sweeter than ever.


At the heart of Leeds improvisational music scene sit a triad of boundary-pushing musical zealots, whose tastes and influences know no boundaries.


Troyka are an experimental British trio who make rich and enthralling instrumental music. Featuring Kit Downes (once Mercury nominated in his own right) on hammond/synths, Chris Montague on guitar/loops and Josh Blackmore on drums, Troyka is far more than the sum of its parts and is definitely not your usual Hammond organ trio.

William Fitzsimmons

Even without hearing a note of his music, you would probably have to acknowledge that the voluminously bearded, Illinois-based singer-songwriter William Fitzsimmons is an intriguing character with a remarkable back-story. After all, how many other musicians can you name who are ex-psychotherapists, and whose blind parents' divorce was so traumatic he wrote an album about it, the recording of which in turn proved so harrowing it precipitated the dissolution of his own marriage, which he then proceeded to document on the follow-up? Presumably not that many.


Acoustic Alchemy

Nearly 25 years since their first recording Acoustic Alchemy have toured extensively around the globe. They have sold over 3 million albums worldwide, and have received 47 Major industry awards including 3 Grammy nominations

Acoustic Mania

Guitarist magazine pretty much summed it up when they described Acoustic Mania as "two players intent on redefining all known laws concerning what is possible with two acoustic guitars".

Allegri String Quartet

The Allegri String Quartet is the United Kingdom's longest running string quartet. Their success is built on a worldwide reputation for excellence that long ago earned them the epithet 'England's most respected quartet'.


New Orleans-raised AM, brings a heady brew of twanging Americana, twinkling Anglified folk-rock-pop, caressing Philly soul and funky R&B whatchacallit - and, best of all, joyously unheard points in-between. AM does all this with a finessing ear for the ancient art of true songcraft.

Antonio Forcione

Hailed as the ‘Jimi Hendrix of the acoustic guitar', Forcione is one of the most charismatic and inventive performers of modern times.

Barb Jungr

Barb Jungr is renowned for her extraordinary song stylings - combining her unique vocals with radical, minimal arrangements and interpretations. Her acclaimed recordings and live performances have revealed her to be one of Europe's most exciting singers.

Bonnie Koloc

Undoubtedly still the first lady of folk singing in Chicago, Bonnie Koloc has soothed the souls of audiences in five different decades with her imaginative jazz tinted performances.


BOY COM bring the big band experience to new patrons of the old-school sound. Describing themselves as "kick ass party hip hop", the 9-piece (whose name is short for ‘Boy Communication') make the perfect soundtrack to any debaucherous house-party.

Charlie Haden

World renowned as the man who revolutionised the role of the double bass in jazz as we know it, Charlie Haden has a deep love for great sound. The perfect match for Naim's great love for deep music!

Charlie Haden & Antonio Forcione

Beautiful interplay between a master architect of the double bass and an Italian star of the acoustic guitar. A formidable jazz duo with a Mediterranean edge.

Charlie Haden & Chris Anderson

When Naim asked Charlie Haden who would be at the top of his list to make a duo recording with, he replied instantly, without a hint of doubt; Chris Anderson. The rest, as they say, was history.

Charlie Haden & John Taylor

In the tradition of Naim super-duos, Haden exchanges musically with a choice pianist, whose four decades worth of critical acclaim make him one of the best British jazz exports alive today.

Chris Anderson

Chris Anderson is a highly influential pianist, having worked with luminaries such as Sonny Rollins, Charlie Parker and Dinah Washington among others. He is credited with teaching Herbie Hancock, who to this day remains his biggest fan.

Craig Armstrong

Grammy, BAFTA and Ivor Novello award winning composer Craig Armstrong releases first solo album in ten years, 'It's Nearly Tomorrow'.

Daniel Mulhern

London singer/songwriter Daniel Mulhern plucks tenderly from a diverse range of inspiring rock and folk influences to create honest and unforgettably engaging sonic delights.

David Lynch

Most know David Lynch as one of cinema's most original talents, but he is also a prolific visual and musical artist whose boundless creativity spills over into the realms of painting, photography, songwriting and more.

Dominic Miller & Neil Stacey

These two top British guitar virtuosos came together to record but one album. And what an album it was...

Eberle Quartet

The Eberle have an impressive musical history, having played regularly with the London Virtuosi, London Festival Orchestra, BBC Symphony and the London Philharmonic Orchestra.


Despite recurrent misconception, Elektralux have very little to do with kitchen appliances, fridges or washing machines. They do, however, have a great deal to do with awesome electronic pop music. No warranty required.

Fred Simon

Equally inspired by jazz, European impressionism and the work of the Beatles, contemporary composer Fred Simon is one of American music's best-kept secrets.

Giorgio Serci

Giorgio Serci is one of Europe's most diverse session guitarists, an incredible live performer and top instrumental educator.

Guilherme Vergueiro & Carlos Dos Santos

These two prominent figures in South American music play romantic and stripped back Brazilian melodies together in a remarkable one-off seven-string guitar and piano encounter.

HÃ¥vard Gimse

Gimse is a dazzling young musician who has established himself as one of Europe's leading international pianists and championed Norway's increasingly youthful crop of extraordinary musicians.

Held Lampi Project

Having travelled round Australia together, Jim Lampi and Zeus B Held have captured the essence of indigenous Australia. The vocal works of Frank Yamma, who also speaks native Pitjanjatjara form the basis of this unforgettable album

Holloway, Ter Linden, Mortensen

This Baroque trio are amongst the most respected early music players alive today. In addition to Naim, they've also recorded for the highly respected ECM label in between their extensive tours of the USA and Europe.

Iona Brown & The Norwegian Chamber Orchestra

Brown was one the 20th century's finest conductor/soloists. Naim is privileged to have worked with her on some of NCO's most delightful recorded works.

Janvier Jones

Chicago based singer songwriter Janvier Jones blends soul, R'n'B and smooth jazz beautifully.

Jason Carter

Jason Carter's music bridges political and cultural divides with a unique and forward thinking blend far away lands and western guitar.


Young Swedish quintet Jeniferever are the post-rock future. Plain and simple.

Jim Gailloreto

An accomplished saxophonist, composer and arranger, Gailloreto's abilities span various styles including jazz, blues, fusion and funk. He's worked with reputable artists such as Kurt Elling, Patricia Barber and the Chicago Symphony Orchestra.

John Moulder & Ken Hall

Moulder and Hall are two prodigious musical talents from Chicago. The fascinating and unusual interplay between the guitar and vibraphone creates a unique proposition for audiophile jazz lovers.

John van der Veer

John van der Veer leads a band of five proficient guitarists from around Europe whose styles vary from flamenco, classical, western and gypsy steel string.

Jon Thorne Danny Thompson

Danny Thompson teams up with protege Jon Thorne to deliver a stunning neo-classical suite dedicated the most influential British upright bass player in jazz, modern folk and pop...himself!

Jump Ship

Conflicting the classic and the contemporary, the Bath based sextet's perfectly balanced yet authoritative glimmer of the future resonates the passive, aggressive and progressive.

Kai Eckhardt

Kai Eckhardt is one of the world's greatest electric bass players. Name a jazz legend from the last thirty years and chances are, he has played with them.

Laurence Hobgood

Described by Dave Brubeck as "one of the most incredible pianists I have ever heard", Laurence Hobgood is American jazz's unsung hero of the decade.

Leo Green

Son of Benny Green, sax prodigy Leo spent years of hard grafting as a session player before calling in enough favours to combine with some of the biggest names in the business for his debut solo album.

Lola Perrin

The American born, London based neo-classical minimalist composer is unique in her forward thinking and original take on live performance and one of the first artists to win a creative live concert endorsement from Naim Audio.

Mike Lindup

Mike Lindup began a staggeringly successful professional career as founder and keyboard player in platinum pop band Level 42 and is now an established solo artist, exploring the borders of jazz, Cuban, classical and pop music.

Mike Melvoin

Mike Melvoin has established himself as one of America's most versatile and accomplished pianists and composers.

Nathan Riki Thomson

Best known as double bass player in the Antonio Forcione Quartet, Nathan Riki Thomson, the multi-instrumentalist and composer, explores his very own wild and wonderful amalgamation of styles from his global travels and experiences.

Neil Stacey

Guitarist and friend Martin Taylor thinks Neil is "a guitarist of considerable talent. His playing is highly inventive, full of energy and beauty". We think so too.

Nicolas Meier

London based Swiss guitarist Nicolas Meier is one of the rising stars of a effervescent British jazz scene, his trademark sound is a vibrant Metheny-esque jazz with a middle eastern kick to it.

Patrick Noland

Patrick Noland is an extremely talented pianist and jazz educator hailing from Chicago. He is a long time friend of Naim and True Stereo engineer Ken Christianson.

Paul Wertico Trio

Over 25 years ago, Wertico's mesmerising drumming landed him a spot in the Pat Metheny Group. Since then, he has done just about everything a budding jazz drummer could ever dream of.

Ramon Ruiz & Anita La Maltesa

Ramon and Anita are almost in their third decade of partnership. They liberally blend Flamenco, Spanish folklore and Latin American songs to create something unique yet wonderfully familiar.

Reuben Hoch And Time

Reuben Hoch is a New York born drummer who approaches the jazz trio format in a highly original and compelling manner.

Royal Philharmonic Orchestra

Founded in 1946 by Sir Thomas Beecham, the Royal Philharmonic remains one of Britain's most acclaimed and respected ensembles to this day.

Sabina Sciubba & Chris Anderson

Anderson's adoring chordal style of piano is the perfect match for Sciubba; a chanteuse whose vocal is bursting with a refreshing vibrancy. If only all jazz singers were this good.

SFX featuring Alan Murphy

Londoner Murphy is one of Britain's most sorely missed yet brightest luminaries of the guitar, having played with everybody from Kate Bush to Level 42.

Stew Cutler

Alternating smoothly between myriad styles, New Yorker Cutler employs a mellow approach that drenches even the off the wall sections in cool.

Ted Sirota's Rebel Souls

Chicago based drummer and bandleader Ted Sirota and his throng of Rebel Souls play avant-garde post-bop that isn't for the faint of heart. Their music is their weapon and they point and shoot at oppressors and reactionaries past and present.

Tim Hugh

Currently principal cellist of the London Symphony Orchestra and world-renowned soloist, Tim is widely regarded as the one of the great British cellists of the 21st century.

Tom Gullion

Saxophonist Tom Gullion brings a soulful performance style, sophisticated avant-garde sensibility, and quicksilver technique. His career has both periods of intense performance and artistic introspection.


The aptly titled jazz trio Union is a Chicago jazz scene super group, whose name is derived from their very first recording venue; Union Church in Hinsdale, Illinois.

Vermeer Quartet

The Quartet has performed in almost every major city in North America, Europe and Australia and has achieved an international reputation as one of the world's finest chamber music ensembles.

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