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'Lest We Forget What We Came Here To DO'  

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After the blistering success of their debut album 'Burn' in 2013, Sons of Kemet return with their highly anticipated follow up 'Lest We Forget What We Came Here To Do'. 'Burn' is a hard act to follow - not only did it garner the band fans such as Gilles Peterson (who included the album in his Worldwide Awards shortlist) and stunning reviews, including The Arts Desk (who pronounced it Album Of The Year) and The Quietus, but they also scooped the MOBO Best Jazz Award. The bar has indeed been set high for the second album, but yet again Sons of Kemet have surpassed themselves, delivering an album stuffed to the rafters with the euphoric, danceable grooves and riffs that made 'Burn' such an unprecedented success and audiences go crazy.

The new album has taken literary inspirations on tracks such as 'In The Castle Of My Skin' (named after Barbadian author George Lamming's 1953 novel about post-colonial identity) and 'The Long Night Of Octavia E Butler', in homage to the award-winning African-American sci-fi writer.  

The album's overall restless and trancey energy is most definitely a collective achievement, and over the past year and a half Sons Of Kemet have seeped this latest material into their irrepressible live sets. 'Lest We Forget What We Came Here To Do' is proof that there's still nothing quite like the ‘supergroup' sound of Sons Of Kemet: eloquent, fierce, explosively funky - and thrillingly out-there. 



14 Oct 2015 Salon IKSV Istanbul

17 Oct 2015 Touch of Noir Festival Luxembourg

18 Oct 2015 Enjoy Jazz Mannheim

22 Oct 2015 Hare & Hounds Birmingham

29 Oct 2015 Moritzbastei Leipzig

30 Oct 2015 Überjazz Festival Hamburg

13 Nov 2015 Rich Mix London

14 Nov 2015 Jazz Forum Bayreuth

18 Nov 2015 Cube Cinema Bristol

19 Nov 2015 North Devon Theatres Barnstaple

21 Nov 2015 The Kazimier Liverpool


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